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By Claire Troughton, Jan 13 2017 01:20PM

Last year I got talked into entering The Dee Mile. This is a race dating back to 1922 swum in the murky waters of the River Dee. The distance is actually a mile and a quarter (2km) for the standard length and a concession was added in 1993 of a 1km distance. There was no way I was going to sign up for the full distance having not been swimming since my daughter was born (8 years ago at the time). I begrudgingly entered the 1km race since my friend was keen to do it. I started practicing in a pool and had about 5 sessions in the river itself before the race (wearing a wetsuit of course!). It's quite off-putting swimming in the river if you're not used to it, so i was glad I went in before the race. You really can't see your hand in front of your face and there are all sorts of stories about what else is in there. I kept my mouth tightly shut!

Anyway, I completed the distance and was quite proud of myself, especially when I worked out that the distance had been set wrongly and we had actually swum about 35 - 40% extra! I thought no more about my swim after that. I had done it as promised and that was that. However, just before Christmas I received an email congratulating me on my entry into the Deva Divas triathlon in 2017! I certainly had not entered this myself. I'm no athlete, certainly not of the tri variety. I only got back on a bike last year after trying hard to avoid them for most of my adult life. This race consists of a 750m swim in the River Dee followed by a 25km cycle followed by a 5km run! I was somewhat bemused, but then noticed my husband's naughty smile. He is a keen runner and triathlete and was recovering in bed from a foot operation. Whilst out of action he obviously decided to live vicariously through me. 'Call it an early Christmas present' he said. I can't tell you what I said! So this year it looks like I will enter a sprint tri. I may not finish it, but I will at least start! Looking at the miserable weather and just not feeling the love for the training right now. I'll update you on my progress. Please feel free to leave helpful hints. xx #firsttri #unwillingtriathlete

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