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A new arrival...

By Claire Troughton, Sep 26 2014 09:21AM

Well here goes with my first ever blog! I know I'm a little late to the party and it has been on my 'to do' list for ages, but I just don't know where the time goes! Since this is new to me it started me thinking about new arrivals and the jewellery I have made to celebrate them.

When I lived in Birmingham I shared a flat, as well as many laughs and a few glasses of red wine, with a lovely friend. I was delighted for her when she decided to start a family, but it obviously meant it was time for me to move out. I only moved to the flat downstairs though, so we kept in close contact. I was thrilled when she told me she was pregnant and to celebrate the birth I decided to make something for each of the family. Dad got a sterling silver pair of cufflinks. I made a sterling silver necklace for my friend and for the baby I made a teeny tiny locket, no more than 10mm in diameter which I christened the 'Millie' locket after the baby. Each piece held a beautiful sapphire, (which is the baby's birth stone) in a simple rub-over setting. Unbelievably that baby is 16 today! My friend recently sent me a picture of herself proudly wearing her necklace on the head-shots for her interior design business and it still looks fabulous all these years later - as does my friend!

Earlier this year I was approached by a husband who wanted to create a family heirloom to give to his wife to celebrate the birth of their son and which could be handed down through the generations. He wanted a sun design and brought in a gorgeous brilliant cut diamond from an old ring to encorporate into it. I made a pendant in platinum with a striking sun burst form by hand saw-piercing the design from platinum sheet. The diamond was gently cradled in the centre in a flowing wave of platinum. The light from the diamond was even more dazzling when it was re-set into this necklace and needless to say his wife was absolutely thrilled and was proud to show it off at a wedding the very next weekend. I only wish I had had time to get a better shot as this one doesn't show just how stunning it looked.

Last year my jewellery was present at the birth of a lovely baby girl. A proud new Mum sent me this gorgeous photo of her wearing my sterling silver, handmade 'Wave' necklace just after the baby was born. I know I certainly didn't look this good moments after my daughter was born! The necklace was looking really good too. It had been given to this lady 10 years previously by her own Mum for her 21st Birthday. It just shows you that well made jewellery really can stand the test of time. I wonder if this tiny treasure will get to wear it when she grows up?

Silver Millie locket necklace with sapphire
Silver Millie locket necklace with sapphire
Handmade Sun necklace, platinum & diamond, birth present
Handmade Sun necklace, platinum & diamond, birth present
Handmade silver wave necklace
Handmade silver wave necklace
Sep 26 2014 03:50PM by Gwenda Jones

Oh Claire, What a lovely first blog!!
Brought a little tear to my eye-cant believe its 16 years since we all receive our wonderful gifts!
The 'Millie collection' will always be cherished & passed on to the next generation.
I will be in touch when the grandchildren are due to commission further family treasures-(though it better be a few years away!!)
Gwenda xx

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