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A Real Sparkler

By Claire Troughton, Nov 5 2016 04:36PM

Handmade 18ct white and yellow gold wedding ring with 6 floating diamonds.
Handmade 18ct white and yellow gold wedding ring with 6 floating diamonds.

This stunning wedding ring was made for a customer who had a couple of old-fashioned diamond rings that she didn't want to wear anymore. It was a shame to leave them lying in a drawer, so she commissioned a ring to incorporate all the diamonds into one contemporary wedding ring. The customer wanted a mix of yellow and white gold and so we chose to make the centre band in yellow gold incorporating a white gold setting and the outer 2 bands in white gold with yellow gold settings. This mix of metals meant the ring had to be entirely handmade, rather than constructing in silver and casting in one piece or using CAD. In total the ring had 17 solder joints, which lead to some pretty nervous moments. Firstly each band was made and soldered, then the 3 bands were soldered to each other, then I had to work out where each setting would sit and cut a piece out of the band exactly the right size to drop the setting into. Each setting then had to be soldered in place to join it at each side to the wire band. Soldering is achieved by heating the entire ring with a gas flame until the solder and metal to be joined are at the right temperature to let the solder flow into the gap between the two items, bonding them in place when cooled. Soldering so many joins so closely together meant there wasa risk each time the ring was heated that the other joins would also heat up and cause the settings to move or even worse melt! Thankfully all went to plan and the diamonds just look so stunning in their new home. The ring is approximately 9mm wide and can't fail to catch the eye - a real sparkler!

Nov 8 2016 11:19AM by Geraldine Jackson

This is my ring.... designed by me initially which Claire put into detail. Claire responded to all my requests and accommodated exactly what I wanted .
I'm delighted with the ring and she deserves "congratulations " for making it so well.
I would recommend her to anyone wanting a special piece of jewellery.

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